How long should you date before asking a sugar momma out?

If you like sugar momma dating and have tried sugar momma dating on a sugar momma dating app, you would know very well that this is the million-dollar question. Those into sugar momma dating online will know that there are a lot of very eligible men out there who are more attractive and better qualified than you to land their chances of taking a sugar momma out. This question is asked a lot of times because of the reason that if you ask her out too soon, it would seem desperate and if too late it may look like you are the shy one and are playing with her.

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How long do you need to wait to ask a sugar momma out?

Sugar mommas are a different breed altogether. They are in the age bracket of 40-50 years old, sexually liberated, and earning tons of money from a busy and engaging job. If you are lucky enough to have attracted the attention of a sugar momma, know this; they are experienced women who have seen a relationship from every angle, so you had better not try to be too smart with them, they will drop you like a hot cake if you do. That being said, If you time it just right, you can definitely make it to second base with her, if not a home run!

The psychology

It all boils down to two major psychological factors; greed and fear. I say fear because the fear of missing out on the goodies will make you act sooner than required while fear of screwing things up will make you hesitate and wait it out to the point of non-compliance. And talking about greed, it is greed that makes people turn into fools and rush headlong into situations without thinking about the pros and the cons. So with that out of the way, let’s look at how long you need to wait before asking your sugar momma out.

A wait of a week is mandatory-whatever the situation

Never ever ask the sugar momma to meet up before a week is out-you may hint at it, but do not do it. It is an intense expression and you run the risk of scaring off your catch. No matter how long you have spent online, chatting about everything under the sun, and shared suggestive jokes with her, a physical meeting is out of bounds at least for the first week. For most women including a sugar momma, it is a red flag situation. Most, if not all women want the virtue of patience to be present in their choice of men and you would be wise to exhibit that trait at the earliest opportunity.

What if her answers are erratic?

Many sugar mommas are from the earlier generation when the internet was not such a massive thing. Hence their approach to online dating can at best be called staid and old-fashioned, and you cannot hold that against them; they are just not very comfortable with the exhibition of emotions online. For them, a physical meeting is the best possible option where they can size up the person with their own eyes.  Sugar mommas of this type can be spotted easily. They will reply to your message and then take off for a couple of days, only to return with an “I forgot” line. You have to realize that the fact that she is messaging you is proof of her interest, and for these types, you need to move in fast. In fact, they will appreciate your assertiveness. Tell them you prefer a meeting face to face and ask if you could meet over a cup of coffee; take it up from there on.


This is another classic reply that a lot of sugar mommas use. It might be that you have got along like a house on fire online, and had a great time sharing jokes and flirting. So when your proposal is met with a “maybe” from her, it may be that she is a bit scared to meet up with you. And another thing to take away from this kind of reply is that your sugar momma is as keen on impressing you as you are, so she is afraid that she may not match up to your expectations. Don’t give up on these replies, but work on your approach.

Now, what if I have a strong connection?

These instances are rare, but are extremely productive, to use that term in a selective way. If lengthy messages have been exchanged and the two of you clearly seem destined to be, then take your time and wait for 2-4 weeks before popping that question. The wait will be worth it and the two of you will be able to start the relationship on a very firm foundation.

So, guys, I hope this guide helps you in your quest for the perfect sugar momma. Remember that they are human beings and have emotions just like anybody else. Treat them nice and watch the rewards pouring in.

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