Why Is The First Date With Sugar Momma So Important?

A date with sugar momma is undeniably special, and sugar momma dating is rapidly becoming mainstream. With the proliferation of sugar momma dating apps, it is very easy to start dating a sugar momma on apps. Here are some reasons why the first date with a sugar momma is so important. It is unquestionable that the first impression is the most effective and lasting impression and keeping that reason aside, here are a few things you can do to improve your chances with a sugar momma.

A date with a sugar momma on her birthday

  • Project confidence when you meet your sugar momma. Look into her eyes, keep your chin up and make sure that you smile. A good smile can defuse the tension in the air and break down many a barrier. Relax your muscles and avoid releasing pent-up energy by fidgeting or other uncontrolled and unnecessary movements. Projection of warm confidence will get her to relax and set the mood for the date.
  • There are many things that you can do on a first date with a sugar momma however you will score brownie points with her if you go out of your way to make it a fun and interesting event. Drinks at a bar are fine but a sports bar with karaoke, pool, and darts is even more exciting. A formal dinner meet may pressurize both sides into making random forays into the interesting conversation, which may not be as interesting as they think.
  • There are advantages to sitting next to your sugar momma when you go to a bar or a restaurant. Sitting across the woman creates a barrier in the form of the table and things can get more defensive if you cross your arms as people are wont to do when meeting for the first time and testing the waters. Sitting next to one another will, on the other hand, make you feel part of a team and connected.
  • This next tip is a high value one. You need to filter women out using the first date to be that desirable man that high-class sugar mommas die to hook up with. If you hold high standards in the selection of women, you will automatically appear high value and selective, two attributes that women find irresistible. In this way, the sugar momma will appreciate your attention and will do all in her means to ensure that you are occupied with her and do not stray.
  • In order to ensure that your sugar momma doesn’t bracket you with her “friends, you have to show a bit of interest at some point or the other during the date. Showing interest in a girl is best done through touch. You need to touch your sugar momma early on in the date and often. This builds up interest as well as sexual tension, both of which you need for a good time with a sugar momma.
  • With eye contact, deep eye contact, a powerful bond can be forged with your sugar momma. Look at her when you are trying to get a point across or when she’s saying something to you. This conveys the impression that you are interested in what she is saying and also that you take her company seriously.
  • You should also be competent enough to take charge of the moment if you find that your chemistry with your sugar momma is checking all the right boxes. If you want to take her back to your apartment, tell her so, but gently and watch her face light up as you take her outside and hail a cab. From there on it’s an exciting ride for sure, and make sure that you have your seatbelt on.